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Thank you for trusting Guthrie Optometry for your comprehensive eye examination. We are committed to providing you with the most thorough eye examination available today. Guthrie Optometry is able to provide the newest health screening of the retina called iWellness OCT. This technology uses light rays to create a cross-sectional image of the retinal layers.

The iWellness OCT scan allows for detection of small disruptions in the normal eye anatomy earlier than can be detected using the traditional microscope in the exam room. Early detection of ocular conditions like macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy allow for prompt treatment and ultimately better vision long term.


Guthrie Optometry believes iWellness is an opportunity for patients to be proactive with their eye health and recommends periodic retinal OCT screenings. The iWellness scan in conjunction with retinal photography and a microscopic evaluation by Dr. Guthrie provides the ultimate in retinal health examinations.

Octopus 900 Visual Field

The Octopus 900 Visual Field Analyzer represents the most complete projection perimeter available today. Testing the patients peripheral visual field is a key element in the diagnosis and management of many ocular conditions.

It features the fastest test strategy and a full threshold test within 2.5 minutes. Speed combined with reliability make the Octopus 900 visual field an important tool for Dr. Guthrie to manage ocular disease.

Ocular Conditions